St Clement of Rome Catholic Church

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we welcome, embrace, and unite the many faces of Christ who worship with us. As a family, we deepen our faith and seek God through prayer and good works.

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343 S. Main Street Romeo, MI 48065

Weekly Reflections

An Offer that Cannot be Refused

The phrase that comes to my mind reflecting on the Gospel passage from Matthew (18:21-35) is the one immortalized in the book and film The Godfather: “An offer that cannot be refused.” Yes, when it comes to forgiving or unwillingness to forgive, we face an offer made by God which we cannot refuse. We often hear that God’s love is unconditional. That sounds good and comforting but it is fluffy stuff, pure and simple. God’s love and forgiveness are conditional: they…

I Struggle

By Deacon Gregory Webster I struggle. But don’t have much to complain about. I fear. John Paul II told me “Be Not Afraid.” I worry. Anxiety is a monster I try to cage. I rush. Even when I am not in a hurry. I hunger. But not sure for what. I hope. Knowing in God is my joy. I petition. For my needs. I pray. Seeking understanding. I bleed. But won’t admit I was cut. I ache. My football coach said to get back up. I ponder. Looking at the stars.…

The Watchman

College students are back in the classroom now that a new academic term has begun—but this year some of them will be tempted to take advantage of a new form of cheating previously unavailable: using A.I., or artificial intelligence. Programs such as Chat GPT are now capable of writing term or research papers on virtually any subject imaginable, using correct grammar and including a bibliography and reference notes (though there’s evidence that sometimes Chat GPT will itself cheat by completely fabricating…

Remaining Faithful

About seventy years ago there was a boy named Eugene Orowitz—a skinny, unimposing 100 pound high school student who seemingly had nothing going for him. One day in gym class the track instructor taught the boys how to throw a javelin, which is a sort of spear. All the other students tried hurling it; the longest throw was 30 yards. Then it was Eugene’s turn. Some of the kids taunted him:  “Hey, stupid, can you lift it? Careful, don’t stab yourself”—but they were…

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