Adult Choir

We really need additional choir members and this new schedule may make it easier for more parishioners to participate. If you decide to participate, I will give you a schedule of Mass times that the choir will sing at and practice CDs of the anthems we will be singing each week. You will come 45 minutes before Mass and we will rehearse our music. As you know, we rotate through the Saturday 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 10:30 a.m. Masses. I hope this new approach will give many more parishioners the opportunity to share their love of God and love of faith through the special medium of music. Our experience of worship will be enhanced and enlivened by you sharing your time and talent with the parish at large. Thanks for giving this invitation your deepest consideration.

Children’s Choir

We currently do not have enough members to have a Youth Choir here at St. Clement. The Youth Choir is a beautiful addition to the Mass and we would like to continue this very special ministry. We are looking for children grades 2 through 8. Rehearsals are on Sundays from 10:15 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. in the church. The rehearsal and Mass schedule will be supplied. Everyone will get a CD to take home and practice with, so that when we all get together on Sundays to rehearse, you will be familiar with your part. Please call the Parish Office if interested 586-752-9611 and leave your name and phone number. Once we have enough members you will be contacted and the Youth Choir will continue.

Children’s Bell Choir

St. Clement will be starting a children’s bell choir performing 1 weekend Mass a month with 1 practice per month starting in October. No music background necessary. Bells and music are color coded. All children are welcome. Please call the Parish Office at 586-752-9611 ext. 113 if interested in joining.

Adult Handbell Choir

If you have some piano or band experience, this ministry will put it to good use. The Bell Choir will play at various Mass times during the Christmas and Easter Seasons.


Share your musical talents by playing your instrument as a solo or as part on an ensemble at worship.

AV Ministry

We need you to operate the projectors and computer to display the Hymn texts and Worship aids during Mass. See Bert Lord after Mass about training and to schedule your availability.

There is a musical activity for everyone in our parish to become involved in. I pray the spirit prompts you to accept the invitation to help make the music ministry in our parish come alive to enhance and inspire our worship experience each week. Make this the year you will give Music Ministry a try. See Bert Lord after Mass for more details or call the Parish Office, (586) 752-9611, if you have an interest in any of our music ministries.

~ Bert Lord, Minister of Music